Tirupur Farmers Producer Company Limited was formed on 30th March 2015 as a collective of coconut farmers in Udumalpet region of Tirupur district in Tamil Nadu. The company has a three tier structure consisting of Coconut Producer Societies (CPS) at the grass root level, Coconut Producer Federations (CPF) at the middle level and Coconut Producer Company (CPC) at the apex. As on 30th October 2015, it has 4 numbers of CPSs and 1 CPF with 1116 number of local coconut farmers as members and 281771 numbers of coconut palms. This is a professionally managed company of the farmers, by the farmers and for the farmers. It procures good quality coconuts from the member farmers, processes it into value added products and markets it, thus ensuring maximum returns to the farmers. The company targets to produce value added products of coconut like coconut oil, coconut milk, mature coconut water, desiccated coconut powder and virgin coconut oil.