CDB Launches Flavoured Coconut Milk

Neera can cure liver disease, says study by IISc Bangalore

International Symposium on Quality Coconut Oil for Nutrition & Health

Farmer Producer Organizations should be alert against price fall

NEERA EXPRESS-A mobile Neera sales outlet initiated by Kottayam CPC

Meeting of Coconut Producer Companies on Neera Marketing Strategies held at CDB HQ, Kochi on 5th Aug,15

Coconut and Neera in Budget 2015-16 - Kerala and Karnataka

Company name approved on 05/08/2015

1st Coconut Producer Company in Kottayam district.

22nd Coconut Producer Company in Kerala.

Neera Koottayma

51st APCC Session / Ministerial Meeting was held in India at Kochi, from 2 - 5 February 2015.