Eligibility for CPC

Coconut Producer Company (CPC) : Average 10 Federations | 10 lakh palms.

Eligibility for CPS

Coconut Producer's Society (CPS) : 40-100 Farmers | 4000-6000 yielding palms | Average 5000 yielding palms.

Eligibility for CPF

Federation of Coconut Producers’ Societies (CPF) : 15 - 25 CPS | Average 20 CPSs | Average 1 lakh palms.

How to access the application

Click on the office name given on the right pane of this page, which will guide you to login page for authentication. Once logged in user will be allowed to record and process data according the privillages given to the user. For further clarification contact CDB EDP desk » 0484-2375368